University of California, Irvine

Highlights from evaluations in Spring 2020 adapting lessons to online instruction after COVID:

  • "Extremely sensitive to student's needs, especially with this class being online.... Maysen held a review session a couple nights before the exam open to all students to need help. He explained everything extremely well and made sure all the students in his review section understood the material. One of the best TA's I've had..."

  • "Maysen always explained the concepts very thoroughly and straight forward. He provided examples and thorough powerpoints... I appreciated that he always helped us with the practice exams. Maysen was always well-prepared and willing to answer any questions. He created an open-learning environment where I was not afraid to ask a question."

  • "The TA did a very good job of discussing lecture material very clearly during discussion section, and was always quick to provide answers to questions asked. Despite the current situation of being online, the TA was organized and provided students with material to help us be successful in the class."

  • "Very accommodating to students. Is able to lead the discussion smoothly and with minimal errors. Replies to students faster than any TA I have ever had. Goes out of his way to provide as much resources as he can to help with understanding material."